Welcome to the Hewes crew!

Given how Hewes owners use their boats so differently, it might seem difficult to find what they have in common. After all, they live up the eastern seaboard and wrap around to Texas. They jig tide rips for stripers, pole the marsh grass for redfish, plug mangrove shorelines for snook and tarpon and chase monster trout over lush seagrass in the Laguna Madre. Heck, some simply use their boats for snorkeling or just cruising. Ask a Hewes owner how he or she characterizes his or her boat and the responses will vary the spectrum from solid to safe to stylish. However, what they all have in common is the pride in owning a product that has been at the top of its class for nearly 60 years. And with that comes a collective peace of mind knowing that their Hewes will perform, last and maintain its value to a higher standard.

To learn more about Hewes owners, spend some time at the Hewes Owners Dock at the MBG forum, www.mbgforum.com. There you will find owners discussing topics related to excitement over the next Owner’s Tournament, photos of their latest catches or technical questions about their boats. What becomes quickly apparent is a passion for their Hewes and a kinship that comes from the experience of owning the best.